Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Loving my new scarf!!

This is the new scarf I'm wearing. I used the last of a ball of yarn to crochet this and I can't tell you how much I love to wear this....I barely take it off. It's extremely light...I don't even feel it on...except the warmth around my neck keeps me perfectly snug. It is not very long and does not get in the way of my daily chores. 


Measures 2 1/2 in wide
4 ft long
Lionbrand Homespun acrylic yarn


  1. what a pretty scarf! i love creating stuff w my hands too, i'm in the middle of crocheting a hat for my mum! :)

  2. love that it is light weight n south florida we need things we can layer ...saw recently a magazine recently with some great ideas for you there were various ideas that I would totally wear very beachy ..i will get back to you with the name of the magazine but cover featured The Hamptons in New York..after lookng at it (especially loved a cable knit bag/tote very ralph lauren classic ...you would have forever).. I was wishing I could knit but I'm not patient enough ...i do hear that this is very therapeutic though...going to your next blog/website suzanne pignato

  3. Well done, you are so clever. Thanks for dropping by Beach Vintage last week. xx